Are you going to change your Iwatch band? Are you considering to have a custom band but you don’t know the parameters or dimensions of your watch band that may need for the making. Don’t worry, for custom Iwatch Bands, the bandmaker just need some dimensions as below. Read and check your band’s dimensions with us.

The first and also the most important dimension is the Iwatch Bands lug size. You can know your band’s lug size by two ways. The first way is basing on your Iwatch’s size. If your Iwatch’s size is 38mm, your band’s lug size is 20mm. A 22mm band width is ideal for the 42mm Iwatch. The second way is measuring the distance between the lugs of your watch in order to determine the “lug width” of the band it needs.

The band’s length is also very important if you would like to make a perfect band for your wrist. You can measure your Iwatch band’s length based on your current band or measure your wrist width. Both are nice for the bandmaker to process making your band.

Some people care about the thickness of Iwatch Bands. Normally, the thickness of leather Iwatch Bands is 4mm. However, it all depends on you to choose a thinner or thicker band until you feel the most comfortable.

Moreover, if you are a meticulous customer, you can also choose the number of holes, hole type or the distance between lug and the first hole…to make your band’s information more precise.

It’s done. Hope that you get enough information to order your Iwatch Bands now.

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