How We Make A Watch Strap

We – LAC CRADO is a strapmaker that has a production system. In our workshop, we have a process for making straps and each person will take charge of a part inthis process. Are you curious about what will happen when you order a strap from us? Follow me, I will show you.
Below are the materials and tools that are needed for making a strap. We use some machines to make the straps in a faster way and more beautiful. If you would like to make it by yourself, you can do it with some simple tools.
· Leather like: Crocodile, Python, Calf, Ostrich leather…
· Leather Punching Machine
· Mold for punching
· Hole Punching Machine
· Leather Skiving Machine
· Leather Grinding Machine
· Stitching Hole Punch Tool
· Needle & Thread
· Glue, liquid for burnishing
· Leather Edge Painting Tool
· Edge Paint (Primer and Main Paint)
· Ruler, Scissors
· Watch hardware (buckle and spring bars)
1/ Choosing Leather
After receiving an order, we will choose the leather first. The leather has to be in good quality, has nice texture and color.
2/ Punch Leather with mold
Base in the size, length and style of strap, we will use the exactly mold to punch the leather. If you don’t have the Leather Punching Machine, you can cut leather by hand with ruler, pencil and scissors.
3/ Glue Leather to make the strap
After punching, we have the leather in shape. Before gluing them, we will use the Leather Skiving Machine to thin the leather part that we will fold it in.This is done because when the leather is folded over, if it isn’t thinned down it would be too bulky. We can replace the Skiving Machine with a skiver.
After thinning the leather, we fold the front leather over, glue it with the leather pad inside and calf leather (we usually use calf leather) in the back of the strap.
4/ Hand stitching
Sewing will ensure that the strap will be stronger and more durable. What we need to do first is punching the stitching holes by using Stitching Hole Punch Tool. It is really hard to punch these tiny holes in a straight line but if they aren’t straight, the stitching will be not nice.
After having holes for stitching, we choose the thread and needle. Time for stitching now!
5/ Edge finishing
With a Calf Leather Strap, normally we just make its edge clean and smooth. However, if the Leather are Crocodile, Ostrich or Python leather, we will paint the edge to make it more beautiful.
Before painting, we will make the edge smooth by using Leather Grinding Machine. If the edge is not smooth, the painting will be rugged. Then, we paint a layer of Primer by using a Leather Edge Painting Tool. Finally, we paint a layer of Main Paint – this Paint will have the color that we want. The edge color is normally match with the leather, if you would like to choose other colors, we can also make for you.
6/ Burnishing
The strap is almost finished. This step is an option part of the process of making a strap. If you prefer a glossy strap, polish it.
7/ Buckle hole Punch&Set in hardware
The last step for making a strap is punching the holes and setting in hardware.
Ta-dah, a brand new strap is ready to deliver to customer!
That is the process of making straps of LAC CRADO. Our craftsmen are very meticulous. Besides, we use many professional machines so our straps are always nice and have high quality. Hope that you will understand more about us – LAC CRADO after reading this process.

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